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Taking A Trip With Mevo
Taking A Trip With Mevo

How you can use Mevo for your trips

Tips for your Mevo holidayWhether you are heading out of the city or having a staycation, there is a tip for you!
Reserving A MevoReserving a Mevo is the first step to getting behind the wheel, here's how it's done.
Unlocking Your MevoOnce you arrive at your Mevo, the first thing you'll need to do is unlock the doors. Here's how.
Inspecting Your Mevo And Reporting DamageBefore you hop into a Mevo, take a quick lap around the car with these things in mind to make sure it's ready for your trip
Locking Your Mevo While On TripHere's how to lock and unlock the doors with your phone. It's important you secure your Mevo to keep it safe.
Where can I take my Mevo?You can take your Mevo (almost) anywhere. Find out how.
Picking the right vehicle for youExplore and compare our current fleet
Parking while on tripA quick overview of parking while on trip, including the do's and dont's.
Damage on tripWhat to do if there is accidental damage while on trip
Using Promo CodesHave a promotional code you want to use?
Can I share driving while on trip?Details on sharing driving duties while using a Mevo
Using Offline ModeNo cell signal? Low reception? No problem!
TollsHow to pay your tolls while on trip
Travelling with Your PetsBest practices of travelling with your pet and avoiding extra cleaning fees
Vehicle Return ConditionsPlease return your Mevo in a reasonable condition so everyone can enjoy their trips
Emergency, Accidents, and BreakdownsWhat to do if you are involved in an emergency or an accident.
Fines & InfringementsHow to deal with fines and infringements that incurred while on-trip