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Taking A Trip With Mevo
Tips for your Mevo holiday
Tips for your Mevo holiday

Whether you are heading out of the city or having a staycation, there is a tip for you!

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1. 🚗 🚙 Starting your trip with the right vehicle

Need extra space? Want a compact vehicle? Choose the right vehicle for your trip. Use the vehicle filter on the top right corner of your app to browse by your preferred models and even preferred battery/fuel levels.

Check out this article to compare the vehicle's on fleet:

2. 😌 Driving with ease of mind with the right insurance cover for you

If you didn’t know, you can reduce your standard insurance excess from $2500 down to $500 or $0 with either Enhanced Cover or Total Cover. Select your insurance cover at the start of your trip, you can do it as a one-off or lock it as your preference for all your future Mevo trips.

3 & 4. 🔌⛽️ Recharge and Refuel at our authorised providers

One of the best things about Mevo is that charging/fuelling is included in your rates at our authorised providers. We have specifically authorised providers in-app so that you always find the right EV charger connectors at the site or the right fuel type. To find where these authorised providers are, always use the Recharge/Refuel tab while on a trip. You can find out more below:

5. 📶 No cell signal? No problem.

Enjoying the peace and quiet but worried that you wouldn’t be able to use your phone to lock/unlock the vehicle? Don’t worry. Your Mevo app will automatically detect the lack of signal and switch to the “offline mode” which will use your phone’s Bluetooth to lock/unlock. If it is taking a moment, you can manually activate the “offline mode” by switching your phone to flight mode.

6. 🌇 Saving with the night rate (6 pm-8 am daily)

The holidays can get expensive so save with the night rate! The night rate caps the price for your time on a trip between 6 pm to 8 am the next day at only 2 hours cost. For example, if you get started before 6 pm, you will still automatically get the night rate added once your trip reaches over 2 hours between 6 pm and 8 am. How good!

7. 🎁 Gift for a friend and a gift for yourself

We may be a little biased but Mevo is best when shared! Refer a friend to Mevo, they’ll get a $20 credit from you. Once they’ve taken their first trip, you’ll get $20 of credit as thanks from us! Go to the app now and find your unique referral code and link in Account > Credit.

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