Locking/unlocking your Mevo while on trip can be done entirely in the app on your phone. You need to have BLUETOOTH enabled and DATA switched on for the lock/unlock button in order for it to work. 

To lock the vehicle, please ensure all doors, windows and the trunk are closed. The engine must also be turned off. You can then press the lock button, which will lock the vehicle and turn RED signalling that the vehicle is locked (As show on the left below).

To unlock press the lock button again and once the vehicle is unlocked, the lock will turn GREEN. (As shown on the right above)

For locking/unlocking while in areas with poor mobile data signal:

You can still lock/unlock on-trip via offline bluetooth mode (shown below). You can do so by turning flight mode ON.

Need more help? Chat with us and we'd be happy to sort it out for you. 

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