Unlocking Your Mevo

Once you arrive at your Mevo, the first thing you'll need to do is unlock the doors. Here's how.

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Important note: Only unlock your Mevo when you're near the vehicle. You will only be charged once the vehicle is unlocked. i.e. your trip has started.

Unlocking your Mevo is as easy as tapping "UNLOCK CAR" from the Mevo app. When you tap "UNLOCK CAR", your Mevo app sends a signal to the Mevo to unlock the doors and prepare the engine for your trip.

If it's quiet, you may hear the sound of the door locks disengaging from outside your Mevo, otherwise you'll know the doors are unlocked when the "CANCEL" and "UNLOCK CAR" buttons disappear in your Mevo app and are replaced with a single button which says "END TRIP".

Note: if the unlock button does not work, disable the WiFi, ensure mobile data is on, and restart the app. 

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