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What is Flex Collect?

Pre-book Mevo vehicles ahead of time at your preferred location for pick up.

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Our pre-booking feature, Flex Collect, makes your trip planning easy. Whether you are flying into Wellington or planning a getaway, use Flex Collect to secure a Mevo vehicle at your preferred date, time, and location. Find Flex Collect in the Book tab in your app and simply enter your details.

In the lead-up to your start time, a vehicle will be automatically pre-booked to your profile near your selected location (vehicles will be delivered within a 300m of your selected location). All you have to do is unlock and drive!

When can I book a Flex Collect?

A Flex Collect booking must be confirmed before 4 PM on the previous day.

You can schedule Flex Collect trips up to 60 days in advance.

Can I choose the vehicle type?

Yes! After you've selected your preferred times, you can choose your vehicle type. The model of vehicles that will be available for you will vary, depending on the date and time you're requesting. And, at peak times, we may not always have vehicles available for Flex Collect.

I keep getting an error: Latitude must be in home zone?

Please double check that:

1) You have selected the appropriate city from the top right hand drop down when first selecting your vehicle

2) The pin is being dropped within the home zone (highlighted by orange outline).

How much does Flex Collect cost?

A $9 Flex Collect Surcharge will be added to your trip unless it’s cancelled at least one hour prior to the start time. This covers the cost of delivering the vehicle.

How do I start my trip?

When your selected start time rolls around, a vehicle will already be allocated to your account. You’ll have the usual 30 minutes from your selected start time to unlock the car and start your trip.

We’ll send you a push notification when your vehicle is allocated. This could be up to 45 mins before your selected start time, but don’t worry - you’ll still have the vehicle booked for free until 30 minutes past the scheduled start.

How do I cancel my Flex Collect booking?

Find your Flex Collect booking in the Book tab in your app and hit cancel. There are no fees when you cancel at least 1 hour before your selected start time.

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