Where can I take my Mevo?

You can take your Mevo (almost) anywhere. Find out how.

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You're free to take your Mevo out of the City for a day trip, or even for a week-long roadie. In fact, you can take your Mevo anywhere except off-road trails (like beaches, riverbeds, floodwaters or 4WD tracks) and vehicle ferries (including the Cook Strait and Waiheke Island ferries).

If you're planning a trip out of town them you might have a couple of extra questions:

What if I need to refuel/recharge?

All fuel and charging is included in our pricing. While on-trip, open the Refuel/Recharge tab and follow the instructions to the nearest Mevo compatible station.

Will I get charged extra if I travel a large distance?

200km/day is included in the cost. Extra kms are charged at $0.75/km for petrol vehicles and $0.35/km for electric vehicles.

For example: a two-day trip covering 500km would incur an extra charge of $75 for the 100km over and above 200km/day.

Can I leave my Mevo in a different city?

No, you need to return to the City in which you started to end your trip.

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