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Reserving A Mevo

Reserving a Mevo is the first step to getting behind the wheel, here's how it's done.

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Reserving a Mevo car prevents any other members from being able to drive that car, allowing you time to walk, skip or ride to your Mevo. Reservation time is free, and can last up to thirty minutes. 

To Reserve Your Mevo:

Tap either on one of the vehicle pins in the map view, or select a nearby car in the list view to display that car's current status.

With a car selected, the Mevo app will tell you the licence plate, colour, address, expected time to walk to the Mevo from your current location and the vehicles current fuel status. The fuel status is a combined total of both the electric charge and the petrol tank.

Tap anywhere on the map to deselect your Mevo vehicle and choose another following the steps above, or tap the "RESERVE" button at the bottom of the screen to reserve your Mevo.

Frequently asked questions:

Why can't I see any cars on the map or in the list view?

If you've just signed up for your Mevo account, your details might still be waiting for verification by our team.

If you've already taken a trip, but can't see any cars on the map right now then they may all be in use with other members. Make sure to check the list view by tapping the icon in the top right hand corner of the Mevo app.

Can I cancel a reservation?

Absolutely, tap the "CANCEL" button in the lower right hand corner of the app at any time to cancel your Mevo reservation.

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