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New Zealand has the 3rd highest rate of car ownership in the world - yet we only use our cars 5% of the time! Mevo is helping create beautiful & more liveable cities by offering a better alternative to private car ownership. Mevo empowers Kiwis to be climate positive, as all trips taken on their fleet are carbon offset by 120%. Research shows that each Mevo replaces over 10 private cars while also encouraging a behavioural shift towards multi-modal, sustainable transport. Choose Mevo for both your personal and business needs, and help sustain New Zealand's beauty, without sacrificing convenience.

Find out more about our mission:

Mevo works to provide our members with newer vehicles which run cleaner and keep you much safer than the average car in New Zealand. Our fleet is constantly growing and changing, to ensure there is a vehicle to meet everyones needs. As well as this, our teams works tirelessly in the background to ensure your trip is as smooth as possible.

Find out more about how our members use Mevo:

The Mevo app allows members to connect to our vehicles seamlessly, meaning there will always be a vehicle at your disposal. Our vehicles are spread around the city, meaning it is as simple as finding the nearest vehicle and unlocking it to begin your trip.

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