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Mevo in Auckland

Mevo Flex lets you start and end your trip in different areas of the city or at Auckland Domestic Airport.

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When you use Mevo in Auckland you are using our free-floating service: Mevo Flex. By free-floating we mean that the cars don't have designated parks, they can be picked up and dropped off in any approved parking space in the Auckland Flex Zones.

Get Moving: Ready to take a trip with Mevo Flex? Check out our Mevo Flex Trip Guide before you drive. We cover booking, driving, fuelling, parking & more 🧠

Vehicle Pricing

We operate a fleet of modern petrol and electric vehicles in Auckland; the choice is yours! See our website for vehicle pricing.

πŸ’‘ Tip: Vehicle pricing is in the Mevo app. Tap on a vehicle icon on the map to see the pricing for that model. Tap the ❓ for more pricing information including surcharges ⬇️

How do I book a Mevo in Auckland?

Open your Mevo app to the Drive tab to see the location of available vehicles. Select any vehicle to see its location and tap Reserve to hold the car for up to 30 minutes.

What is the Flex Zone?

The Flex Zone is the service area where you can start and end your trips. You can end your trip in any approved parking space within the Flex Zone.

πŸ’‘ Tip: The Flex Zone boundaries are illustrated in the app with a heavy orange line.

The Auckland Flex Zone includes a zone at Auckland Domestic Airport, allowing for one-way trips between the City and the Airport πŸ›«

Approved Parking Spaces

You can end your trip in any Auckland Transport Metered, Car Share or Authorised Vehicles Exempt parking. Parking in other legal spots, like P5, P60, P120 is only permitted while on-trip.

πŸ’‘ Tip: Swipe up while on trip to view our Map & Parking feature to find your nearest dedicated Mevo parking spaces. Unsuitable parking is marked in red 🚨

🚨 Make sure to check for parking conditions that might activate after your trip! 🚨

Your End Trip park must be suitable for Mevo at all times as you can't be sure when the vehicle will be next booked. Steer clear of parks with conditions like Clearways or Bus Lanes to avoid parking fines!

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