Mevo Flex allows you to start and end your trip in any approved park within the Flex Zone. Our Flex Trip Guide steps you though a Flex trip, from reserving your vehicle to finding a park and ending your trip.

For information on Mevo Loop jump to Your Mevo Loop Trip Guide

💡 Tip: You can find this guide again in your Mevo app. Tap Support and search for "Flex" or "Trip Guide" 🔎

Booking your Mevo

Tap Reserve to book a vehicle up to 30mins in advance. The reservation time is free.

💡 Tip: The address is a best approximation based on GPS data 🛰 If you ever can't find your vehicle we can help you. Use the 💬 icon at top right of your app for instant support.

Pre-Trip Damage Check

Swipe up and select View & Report Damage to log any new or unreported damage on the vehicle before your trip 📸

💡 Tip: You can also let us know if you car is dirty. Tap the 💬 to open a new conversation and select Report Vehicle Condition 💪

Unlocking your Mevo

Mevo vehicles are keyless. Use your Mevo app to unlock the vehicle when you arrive at the car.

💡 Tip: Bluetooth is the fastest way to connect to your Mevo. Once you are at the vehicle wait until the bluetooth icon turns 🔵 before tapping Unlock 📱

Starting your Mevo ⚙️

Place your foot hard on the brake pedal and hold the start button until the engine turns over.

Make a Stopover 🛒

Running errands in the City? WCC metered parking is free for Mevo vehicles 🎉 . Simply find a park and tap Lock to make a stopover.

💡 Tip: You still must abide by time restrictions on metered parks 👮‍♂️

Refuelling ⛽️

Refuel using the fuel card in the glovebox at any Z, Caltex or Challenge station ⛽️ Enter the last 6 digits of your mobile number when prompted for an ODO reading. The PIN is on the back of the card 💳

💡 Tip: You can buy a carwash with the fuel card too if your Mevo is dirty 🛁

Finding an End Trip Park 🅿️

You can end your trip in any approved park within the Flex Zone. Swipe up while on trip and tap on Map & Parking to check the End Trip parking rules in your area. Unsuitable parking is marked in red 🚨

💡 Tip: You can see our parking rules for Wellington at any time on our website

Ending Trip

Unlock the car ❇️ and then select End Trip ✴️ . Note: the End Trip button won't work if the car is locked.

💡 Tip: You know your trip has ended successfully when you see the Trip Complete card pop up and when you receive a Trip Summary email ✉️

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