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Drive Mevo with full peace of mind. Select your preferred insurance cover for your Mevo trips.

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All Mevo vehicles have insurance and third party cover, so you’ll always be protected - as long as you use Mevo within the member terms and conditions. Should an accident or damage occur while you are on a trip, you will only be liable for the insurance excess as confirmed in your app before unlocking the vehicle.

Choose between Standard, Enhanced, or Total Cover at the start of your trip before unlocking your vehicle. You can change your insurance cover from trip to trip or save a preferred insurance cover as your default to have the cover applied to all your future trips.

For business members, your insurance cover selection is automatically set by your organisation’s Mevo for Business administrator.




Standard Cover


Included in base pricing

Enhanced Cover


$1/hour while on-trip (up to $24/day)

Total Cover


$2/hour while on-trip (up to $48/day)

Read more about Insurance and Insurance Exclusions in our terms and conditions.

Are insurance rates the same across different vehicle models? (i.e. Tesla Model 3 and Volkswagen Polo)

Yes, the insurance covers are uniform across all vehicle models.

What happens if someone else hits my Mevo?

If your Mevo is damaged by a third party whilst on a trip and you provide the third party’s insurance details to us, Mevo will attempt to recover the excess from the person at fault. If this is successful, then you will be reimbursed your insurance excess payment.

How can I make sure I’m not responsible for damage caused by other members?

We regularly inspect reported damage and apply subtle “Damage Reported” stickers to any vehicles that may be carrying minor scrapes. Before you unlock the vehicle, be sure to check for any new damage from the previous member(s) and use the Report Damage function in the app to add photos and a description if it’s not already been reported.

Are there any exclusions to what’s insured?

Please review the exclusions outlined in your Members Terms and Conditions. Otherwise, there are none of the exceptions you might find with a rental car; glass, tyres, etc are all covered by the insurance excess outlined.

I forgot to select an insurance cover upgrade before I started my trip. Can I change my insurance cover while I am on a trip?

No, you are unable to make changes while on a trip because the selected insurance cover commences as soon as the vehicle is unlocked.

Does my account credit discount insurance covers?

Account credits do not discount insurance covers.

If I select the Enhanced Cover ($1/hour) for my night rate trip, what would my insurance cover cost be? Start-time 6 pm, end-time 8 am, total trip duration 14 hours.

Insurance cover is billed based on per hour on-trip and does not relate to the daily/overnight caps for vehicle pricing. Therefore, with each hour billed at $1/hour on-trip, this trip would cost $14 for the Enhanced Cover.

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