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Running a little low on petrol? Check in the app for where to fuel up.

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Our vehicle team refuel vehicles between trips. If you find the fuel indicator (right corner of the speedometer) is looking a little low during a trip, follow the instructions in the app to refuel your Mevo.

Open the Refuel tab the next time you’re on a trip and you'll see detailed information about the supported fuel stations and refuelling instructions for your Mevo.

Unable to reach a supported station?

No problem! Visit any petrol station with the matching fuel type to your Mevo. Please pay for the fuel yourself and send us a picture of the receipt in the chat messenger. We will provide you with:

  1. A full refund for the refuelling cost to your trip.* OR

  2. An equal amount of credit to the fuel cost.

*If your refuel cost is higher than your trip cost, we’ll refund you for the entire cost of your trip and load the remaining amount as an account credit.

App Troubleshooting:

  • Re-set the process by hanging the pump up and driving out and back in to the station.

  • Close the refuel tab and Mevo app then re-open both.

  • Check the pump number you have selected is the one you are currently at.

If this doesn’t help, please pay for the fuel yourself and send through a photo of the receipt to our support chat for reimbursement.

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