Our vehicle team refuel vehicles between trips. If you find the fuel indicator (right corner of the speedometer) is looking a little low during a trip, follow the instructions below to refuel your Mevo.

Open the Refuel tab the next time you’re on the trip and you'll see detailed refuelling instructions for your Mevo.

Z Energy Pay By Plate

Open your Refuel tab while on-trip to find your nearest Z Energy station with Pay By Plate. Pull up to the fuel pump and the station’s cameras will automatically unlock the fuel nozzle matching the fuel type for your Mevo. Just fuel up and go!

No need to enter your phone number or PIN codes at the pump. How good!

Unable to reach a Z Pay By Plate station?

No problem! Visit any petrol station with the matching fuel type to your Mevo. Please pay for the fuel yourself and send us a picture of the receipt in the chat messenger. We will provide you with:

  1. A full refund for the refuelling cost to your trip.* OR

  2. An equal amount of credit to the fuel cost and $10 more as a thank you from us.

*If your refuel cost is higher than your trip cost, we’ll refund you for the entire cost of your trip and load the remaining amount as an account credit.

Kia Stonic

Pull up on the fuel door button to open. Located on drivers side floor for Kia Stonic.

Volkswagen Polo/T-Roc

There is no fuel door button. Press on the fuel door from the outside to open.

🚨 If you've filled the tank with diesel, please call the Mevo emergency line on 0508 111 6386 (0508 111 MEVO).

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