Our vehicle team refuels vehicles between trips. If you find the fuel indicator (right corner of the speedometer) is looking a little low during a trip, drive into any Z Energy or Caltex station to top the tank up using the fuel card in the glove box.

🔔 We do not reimburse for refuelling at non-Caltex or Z Energy stations.

  1. Open the fuel door (GIFs below)

  2. Our vehicles take 95 Petrol (Except our Kia vehicles that take 91 Petrol).

  3. Pay-At-Pump with the fuel card

  4. On the ODO screen, enter your mobile number registered to Mevo

  5. When prompted for the pin, the PIN card is on the back of fuel card

  6. When finished refuelling, make sure to re-insert the fuel card firmly back into the cardholder and the blue light is OFF. (You cannot end trip if the blue light is on).

Audi A3 e-tron/ Kia Stonic

Pull up on the fuel door button to open. Located on drivers side floor for Kia Stonic.

Volkswagen Polo/T-Roc

There is no fuel door button. Press on the fuel door from the outside to open.

🚨 If you've filled the tank with diesel, please call the Mevo emergency line on 0508 111 6386 (0508 111 MEVO).

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