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Find out about any surcharges you may come across on trip

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All pricing includes standard insurance and fuelling (petrol and/or electricity).
Standard insurance excess: $2500 (insurance upgrades available in-app).

200km of free travel distance per day or part-day (extra at $0.75 per km for petrol vehicles and $0.50 for electric vehicles).
Included distance assessed over your whole trip and can be used any day.

You don't need to choose hourly, daily, or overnight packages in advance.
Choose your car, start your trip & you'll get the best price – automatically!

Flex Collect

Cost: $9

This is our pre-booking service that allows you to select a time and a place, where we will deliver a vehicle of your choosing, within a 300m radius.

Airport Trips

Cost: $0-$60

Airport trips made easy! We have Airport zones in all our cities, making it a perfect way to have a vehicle on demand for your trip. The surcharge cost will depend on variables such as city and one-way vs round-trip.

Insurance Coverage

Cost: $0-2 per hour

The base rate includes our standard insurance cover with an excess of $2500. Before unlocking the vehicle you can choose a different insurance cover:

1) Enhanced Cover ($500 excess): $1/hour

2) Total Cover ($0 excess): $2/hour

Note: This surcharge is not capped like the base rate (i.e. if you have the vehicle for 24 hours, you will be charged a $24 surcharge for enhanced cover)

Excess km

Cost: $0.75/km over 200 km for petrol vehicles, and $0.50/km for electric vehicles

When you end your Mevo trip, you’re given 200km free daily, The total distance allowance is based on how many days you had your Mevo, and then that’s compared with the distance you drove at the end of your trip. Anything over this is then subject to the excess km surcharge.

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