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How much does it cost to use Mevo in Auckland?
How much does it cost to use Mevo in Auckland?

Mevo pricing for Auckland explained

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What Do I Pay For?

It's free to sign up for a Mevo account; you only pay for what you use! When you finish a trip the cost is automatically calculated and billed to your card. Fuel, insurance and 200km/day is included in our pricing ⛽️

Vehicle Pricing

We operate a fleet of modern petrol and electric vehicles in Auckland; the choice is yours! See our website for vehicle pricing.

💡 Tip: Vehicle pricing is in the Mevo app. Tap on a vehicle icon on the map to see the pricing for that model. Tap the for more pricing information including surcharges ⬇️

Save with the Night Rate

You can save money when you use a Mevo during off-peak times. All trip time between 6PM and 8AM is capped at 2hrs of use.

Excess Kilometre Charge

When you take a Mevo trip, you’re given 200km free daily, The total distance allowance is based on how many days you had your Mevo, and then that’s compared with the distance you drove at the end of your trip. If you exceeded the allowance, each top-up km is $0.75 for petrol vehicles and $0.35 for electric vehicles.

Airport Surcharge

A trip that starts or ends at Auckland Domestic Airport will incur a $30 surcharge.

Note: A round trip will incur 2 surcharges for a total of $60.

Example: If the hourly rate is $17 then a 45-minute trip from the city to the airport would cost $47. (Airport surcharge included).

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