You can calculate the cost of any Mevo Loop trip before you book. I'll also show you where to find discount rates 🚀 . For Wellington pricing jump to How Much Does it Cost: Mevo Wellington

What Do I pay For?

There is no subscription fee for a Mevo account; you only pay for what you use! You'll pay for the time period you had booked, plus any extra time if you return the vehicle late. Fuel, insurance and 200km/day is included in our pricing ⛽️

Note: a $15 pre-authorisation is held on your card when you book a vehicle. This amount will always be released back to your account. Read more

Save with the Night Rate

You can save money when you use a Mevo during off-peak times. All trip time between 6PM and 8AM is capped at 2hrs of use.

Excess Kilometre Charge

When you take a Mevo trip, you’re given 200km free daily, The total distance allowance is based on how many days you had your Mevo, and then that’s compared with the distance you drove at the end of your trip. If you exceeded the allowance, each top-up km is $0.75.

Calculate the Cost: Short & Medium Trips (30mins - 5hrs)

You can quickly estimate your trip charge for a couple of hours use by adding up the hourly rate. Add the per-minute rate for any partial hours up to the the hourly rate.

Example: a 1hr, 15min trip with a VW Polo will cost $30.50 ($17 for 1hr + $13.50 for 15mins)

Calculate the Cost: Day Trips (5hrs - 24hrs)

After five hours use you won't pay any more for the rest of the day! For trip time over 24hrs the per-minute and per-hour pricing applies

Example: any trip from 5hrs to 24hrs long with a VW Polo will cost $85.

Example: a 1 day, 1hr, 15min trip with a VW Polo will cost $115.50 Note how the hourly pricing simply adds to the day rate for trip time over 24hrs.

Calculate the Cost: Multi-Day Trips

You can hire a Mevo for as many days as you need - just add up the day rate and any excess kms to estimate the cost.

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