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Estimating your trip cost
Estimating your trip cost

Tips and tricks to help work out an estimate for your upcoming trip.

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Sometimes it can be confusing trying to figure out how much your trip is going to cost you. But no worries, we are here to help. This is a step by step guide which covers all you need to know when creating an estimate for your trip!

Remember, refuelling/recharging, standard insurance and 200km travel a day is covered in the vehicles base rate.

1. Choose your Vehicle

We all know people have preferences when it comes to what vehicle they are driving. The Mevo fleet hosts a range of vehicles with different price points. Your vehicle choice will form the base price of your trip. All vehicles have a minute rate of $0.90.

Hour Rate

Day Rate

Night Rate

VW Polo




Suzuki Swift








BYD Atto 3




Polestar 2




Tesla Model 3




2. Length of Trip

Flex Service: Overall vehicle costs depend on the time on trip. This is the time from which the vehicle is first unlocked, to the time you hit the 'End Trip' button.

Loop Service: You will be charged for the entire time of the booking, even when you end your trip early. This is because that vehicle will be unavailable to anyone else. If you extend your trip, this will be charged in addition to the original booking.

You will be charged at the minute rate until it is cheaper at the hourly rate (for example: if you are in a VW Polo you will be charged the minute rate until 19 minutes have passed (19*0.9=$17.10) at which point the hourly rate of $17 is cheaper). This is the same in regards to hourly and daily rate. The daily rate of a vehicle is equivalent to 5 hours use. So from hours 5-24, you will be charged the vehicle's daily rate.


If you have a Tesla for 3 hours and 17 minutes, you will be charged a base rate of $105.30 (3*$30 + 17*$0.90).

3. Insurance Coverage

Mevo offers 3 tiers of insurance coverage Standard, Enhanced and Total.




Standard Cover


Included in base pricing

Enhanced Cover


$1/hour while on-trip (up to $24/day)

Total Cover


$2/hour while on-trip (up to $48/day)

This cost is not capped like the vehicle rates. For example, using a vehicle with enhanced cover for 14 hours, it will cost $14.

4. Travel Distance

The vehicle's base rate includes 200km/day of travel. This amount is accumulative and ticks over at the 24hr mark for every new day with your Mevo from when your trip began. Distance over this allowance will incur a surcharge of $0.75/km for petrol vehicles and $0.35 for electric vehicles.

Example: If you have a petrol vehicle for 3 days and you travel 650km, this will incur a surcharge of $37.50 for the 50km overage.

5. Flex Collect?

Our flex collect service allows you to book a vehicle for a certain time and place. This service costs $9.

6. Starting or Ending at Airport?

Starting or ending your trip at the airport could incur a surcharge ranging from $0-$60.

One-Way Trip

Round Trip

Drive through













These are the main considerations when it comes to estimating your trip cost and the different elements. This does not include any added cost from the fee schedule. Please find a worked through example below:


Say you have booked a flex collect to go from Wellington Airport to Palmerston North and back to Wellington CBD in one day using a Tesla. This is roughly around 292km round trip, excluding any added travel. You like to play it safe so you have used total cover for your insurance. The trip ends up taking you 17 hours from start to end.

Trip Estimate:

Flex Collect = $9

Base Rate = $150 (5*$30)

Airport Surcharge = $20

Excess Km = $32.20 (92*$0.35)

Insurance Coverage = $34 (17*$2)

Total Cost = $245.20

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a week/weekly rate available?

No. If you kept a vehicle for a week (7 days), your base rate would be the equivalent of 7 day rates for that specific vehicle.

Is there any deals over the weekend?

No. Our prices are the same all week round. Check out our night rate if you are looking to ball on a budget.

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