We operate a home zone at Wellington airport which means you can use Mevo for one-way trips between the city and the airport. Trips between the CBD and airport usually range between $20 - 25 in normal traffic.

Airport access and parking is all sorted; see our guide for maps and instructions. Below is a map to our parks:

IMPORTANT: Trips that start or end at the airport will incur a $15 (incl GST) surcharge.

City ➡️ Airport

To take a Mevo to the airport, do the following:

  1. Drive to the airport, approaching the gates on the left (the barrier arm will recognise your Mevo vehicle and will automatically open).

  2. Staying to the right, enter the RENTAL CARS ZONE on your right (image for reference below)

Below is a video showing directions to the Mevo parks.

Failing to end your trip in Mevo dedicated parks or to let us know when you can't end your trip in the specified parks, can potentially incur a $40 relocation fee.

Airport ➡️ City

To get a Mevo from the airport, do the following:

  • Open the Mevo mobile app and book a vehicle located at the airport.

  • Walk from the airport terminal (bottom floor) past the airport valet parking to the Mevo park locations (image below).

  • Unlock your Mevo using the app, hop in, drive away.

  • When you're done, simply park the Mevo in approved car parks anywhere in the home zone.

Here is a video to direct you to the parkings spaces at the airport.

Can I pre-book a vehicle for an airport trip?

Yes! You can pre-book a Mevo for a trip into or out of Wellington Airport with our pre-booking feature, Flex Collect:

Tip: you must make you Flex Collect booking before 4PM the day before your trip

Can I make a round-trip to the airport to pick up a friend?

Yes! Just start a trip as normal. The airport surcharge does not apply if you don't start or end the trip at the airport.

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