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Mevo for Wellington Airport Trips
Mevo for Wellington Airport Trips

Use Mevo for one-way trips to or from Wellington Airport

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We operate a home zone at Wellington airport which means you can use Mevo for one-way trips between the city and the airport.

Airport access and parking is all sorted; see our guide for maps and instructions. Below is a map to our parks:

IMPORTANT: Trips that start or end at the airport will incur a $20 (incl GST) surcharge, round trips are $40.

City ➡️ Airport

When approaching the airport from SH1/Stewart Duff Drive:

  • Keep RIGHT and following the signs for Covered Parking & Entry

  • The barrier arms will automatically lift from vehicle plate recognition

  • Head up the ramp into the Parking Building and follows the signs towards the Mevo dedicated parking area.

    Failing to end your trip in Mevo dedicated parks or to let us know when you can't end your trip in the specified parks, can potentially incur a $40 relocation fee.

Overflow Parking

If the dedicated Mevo parking is full, please let us know and leave the vehicle in the P120 parking outside on Level 1 (international departures open-air car park) you can exit the Parking Building via the Express 120 Parking exit next to the ramp to the upper levels. (If you need to exit the airport again, then follow the signs back around to departures).

Please do not end your trip in any mobility parking zone.

Finding your Mevo (walking directions to parks)

To get a Mevo from the airport, do the following:

  • Exit from Arrivals and follow the blue Mevo signs toward the lift to the Parking Building.

  • Select Level 1 and turn left to the Mevo dedicated car parks near the electric vehicle charging parks.

Exiting parks (Airport ➡️ City)

  • Follow the 'way out' signs to exit to SH1.

Can I pre-book a vehicle for an airport trip?

Yes! You can pre-book a Mevo for a trip into or out of Wellington Airport with our pre-booking feature, Flex Collect:

Tip: you must make you Flex Collect booking before 4PM the day before your trip

Can I make a round-trip to the airport to pick up a friend?

Yes! Just start a trip as normal. The airport surcharge does not apply if you don't start or end the trip at the airport.

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