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Mevo for Auckland Airport Trips
Mevo for Auckland Airport Trips

Mevo is a convenient and cost-effective option for one-way trips between Auckland City and the Airport

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We operate a Flex Zone at Auckland Domestic Airport, allowing for one-way trips to and from the city. Featuring premium parking and licence plate recognition at the barriers, it's the easiest way to get to your getaway. A trip between the Auckland CBD and the airport generally costs between $40 - $50 in total through normal traffic.

Airport access to Mevo parking spaces are mapped below:

IMPORTANT: Trips that start or end at Auckland Airport will incur a $30 surcharge (round trips will incur a double surcharge of $60)

City to Airport

  1. Follow the map to the Airport Car Share parking entrance at Fred Ladd Way

  2. The barrier arm will automatically rise on recognising a Mevo licence plate

  3. Park in the designated Mevo spaces or in the overflow to the left

Airport to City

  1. Open your Mevo app and follow the map to the Mevo parking area

  2. The exit barrier arm will automatically rise on recognising a Mevo licence plate

Can I pre-book a vehicle for an airport trip?

Yes! You can pre-book a Mevo for a trip into or out of Auckland Airport with our pre-booking feature, Flex Collect:

Tip: you must make your Flex Collect booking before 4 PM the day before your trip

Can I make a round-trip to the airport to pick up a friend?

Yes! Just start a trip as normal. The airport surcharge does not apply if you don't start or end the trip at the airport.


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