Whether you're brand new or brushing up, our Watch & Learn guide is a great way to prepare for your next Mevo journey 🚗 . This guide is for Mevo Flex (Wellington); for Mevo in Hamilton jump to Watch & Learn: Your Mevo Loop Trip Guide

💡 Tip: You can find this guide again in your Mevo app. Tap Support and search for "Watch" or "Trip" 🔎

Booking your Mevo

Tap Reserve to book a vehicle up to 30mins in advance. The reservation time is free.

💡 Tip: The address is a best approximation based on GPS data 🛰 If you ever can't find your vehicle we can help you. Use the 💬 icon at top right of your app for instant support.

Pre-Trip Damage Check

Swipe up and select View & Report Damage to log any new or unreported damage on the vehicle before your trip 📸

💡 Tip: You can also let us know if you car is dirty. Tap the 💬 to open a new conversation and select Report Vehicle Condition 💪

Unlocking your Mevo

Mevo vehicles are keyless. Use your Mevo app to unlock the vehicle when you arrive at the car.

💡 Tip: Bluetooth is the fastest way to connect to your Mevo. Once you are at the vehicle wait until the bluetooth icon turns 🔵 before tapping Unlock 📱

Starting your Mevo ⚙️

Place your foot hard on the brake pedal and hold the start button until the engine turns over.

💡 Tip: Our EV hybrids are very quiet 🔉 You know the engine is on when the rev pin flicks up to ready

Make a Stopover 🛒

Running errands in Wellington City? WCC metered parking is free for Mevo vehicles 🎉 . Simply find a park and tap Lock to make a stopover.

💡 Tip: You still must abide by P5, P10, P30 & P60 time restrictions on metered parks 👮‍♂️

Refuelling ⛽️

Refuel using the fuel card in the glovebox at any Z, Caltex or Challenge station ⛽️ Enter the last 6 digits of your mobile number when prompted for an ODO reading. The PIN is on the back of the card 💳

💡 Tip: You can buy a carwash with the fuel card too if your Mevo is dirty 🛁

Finding an End Trip Park 🅿️

You can end your trip in any approved park within the Flex Zone ⬇️

🚨 Make sure to check for parking conditions that might activate after your trip! 🚨

Your End Trip park must be suitable for Mevo at all times as you can't be sure when the vehicle will be next booked. Steer clear of parks with conditions like Clearways to avoid parking fines!

💡 Tip: Swipe up while on trip and tap on Map & Parking to find your nearest dedicated Mevo parking spaces. Unsuitable parking is marked in red 🚨

Ending Trip

Return your Mevo to the same station that you started in to end your trip. Unlock the car ❇️ and then select End Trip ✴️ . Note: the End Trip button won't work if the car is locked.

💡 Tip: You know your trip has ended successfully when you see the Trip Complete card pop up and when you receive a Trip Summary email ✉️

Charging The Audi A3 e-tron 🔌

If you book an Audi, you might find it connected to an electric charger. To disconnect the charger, you must first start your trip as this will automatically unlock the vehicle. Then you can disconnect the charger by pressing the button on the charging inlet and pulling the charger out as shown below.

To connect the charger back after you drive, make sure to connect the charger before you end your trip. Ending your trip locks the vehicle and stops you from connecting the charger.

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