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Where can I park my Mevo in Auckland?
Where can I park my Mevo in Auckland?

Here's how to find a suitable park when you're ready to End Trip in Auckland

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You can end your Mevo trip in any approved parking zone within the the Auckland Flex Zone (refer to the link for the most up to date info).

This makes getting from A - B super convenient but also means that you're responsible for checking signs and markings to make sure your park is suitable.

Approved Parking Spaces

You can end your trip in any Auckland Transport Metered, Car Share or Authorised Vehicles Exempt parking.

You can end your trip in any above Approved Mevo Carpark that's inside the Auckland Flex Zones.

The types and conditions of Approved Mevo Carparks in Auckland are listed below.

Approved Mevo Carparks

Metered Parking

AT Metered Parking spaces, without paying at the meter.

Authorised Vehicles Exempt Parking

AT time restricted spaces where "Authorised Vehicles Exempt" is displayed.

Approved Shared Vehicles

AT Car Share parking spaces - all spaces across Auckland.

Uncontrolled Parking

On-street parking spaces that are not time/permit controlled, within the Flex Zones.

While you're on a trip, you can park your Mevo in any normally legal parking space like P5, P60, P120 - you're responsible for complying with time limits and restrictions.

Prohibited Parking Spaces

You can't, at any time, park your vehicle in:

  • Any parking space that would normally be forbidden, including:

    • loading zones.

    • taxi stands.

    • bus stops.

    • disabled parking spaces.

    • reserved locations.

In addition to the above, you can't end your trip in:

  • AT Time Restricted Parking of any duration - where "Authorised Vehicles Exempt" is not displayed.

  • Any parking space that forms any part of a clearway, bus lane, or other time-dependent restriction (e.g. loading zone) - even if it would otherwise be a permitted park, and even if the restriction isn't currently operating.

  • Private or commercial parking lots such as supermarkets or paid parking providers.

๐Ÿ’ก Tip: Swipe up while on trip to view our Map & Parking feature to find your nearest dedicated Mevo parking spaces.

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