From quick supermarket runs to multi-day getaways to our famous Overnight Rate, we'll show you how to estimate your trip charge 🧠 . If you're in a hurry check our five most common trips & pricing examples 🗺

What Do I pay For?

There is no subscription fee for a Mevo account; you only pay for what you use! When you finish a trip the cost is automatically calculated and billed to your card. Fuel, insurance and 200km/day is included in our pricing ⛽️

Note: a $15 pre-authorisation is held on your card when you book a vehicle. This amount will always be released back to your account. Read more

Vehicle Pricing

Our pricing is vehicle specific. Rates for each of our vehicle models can also be found in your Mevo app 📱. Click on a vehicle model icon, swipe up and select Pricing & Insurance.

Quick Trips (0mins - 25mins)

Don't worry about vehicle pricing for short trips; our per minute rate is 60¢/min for all vehicles. Your trip will be billed at the per minute rate until the the accrued charge reaches the hourly rate for your vehicle. Read on for hourly rates.

Example: a 20min trip will cost $12 for all vehicles.

Tip: grab the closest vehicle for short trips - the per minute rate is always 60¢/min

Medium Trips (25mins - 5hrs)

The per minute rate is capped at an hourly rate for each vehicle. This means you can quickly estimate your trip charge for a couple of hours use by adding up the hourly rate. Once your trip ticks over the hour, per minute pricing resumes.

Example: if the hourly rate is $25 then a 2hr, 30min trip will cost $68 (2hrs x $25 + 30mins x $0.60).

Tip: Hourly rates are vehicle specific. Rates for each of our vehicle models can be found on our website or in your Mevo app by tapping on the vehicle model icon.

Day Trips (5hrs - 24hrs)

After five hours use you won't pay any more for the rest of the day! Once your trip ticks over the 24hr mark, per minute pricing resumes. Check out the day rate for each vehicle model here.

Example: if the hourly rate is $25 then any trip from 5hrs to 24hrs long 24hr will cost $125.

Tip: If you can start your trip after 6PM then check out our Night Rate 🌃 . Use a Mevo from 6PM - 8AM and only pay for for 2hrs 😎

Multi-Day Trips

You can hire a Mevo for as many days as you need - just add up the day rate and any excess kms to estimate the cost.

Excess Kilometre Charge

When you take a Mevo trip, you’re given 200km free daily, The total distance allowance is based on how many days you had your Mevo, and then that’s compared with the distance you drove at the end of your trip. If you exceeded the allowance, each top-up km is $0.25.

Airport Surcharge

A trip that starts or ends at the airport will incur a $15 surcharge.

Tip: A 10-minute trip from the city to the airport would cost $21. (Airport surcharge included).

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