The Night Rate is a special rate that applies to all trips when you book a vehicle after 6pm on any day of the week. When you are locked into the night rate, any trips that happen between 6PM and 8AM the next day, are capped at a maximum cost of 2 hours.

The night rate gives members up to 14 hours with a Mevo vehicle for the price of 2 hours!

Note: If the trip goes on after 8AM on the next day, then you will be billed for your use after 8AM at the normal Mevo rates.

As always, the rate includes your home-zone parking, insurance, petrol, electricity, and basic cleaning.

The Night Rate is great for:

- a stress-free commute after work in the evening, followed by an easy drive to work in the CBD the next morning
- grocery runs after work

- date night

FAQ's on the Night Rate

Is the Night Rate only for Monday to Friday?
No, Saturday and Sunday evenings are also included.

Do I have to keep the Mevo till 8 am?
No, you don’t have to. 

Were out for a trip for 4 hours? 6 hours? 7.5 hours?
You’ll still only be billed for 2 hours.

Do I have to unlock the Mevo exactly at 6pm or return at 8 am sharp?
You are required to book your trip after 6pm and start trip/unlock vehicle after that time. You do not have to return the car at 8am sharp the next day. You will just be billed at the normal rate for your use after 8am.

What if I only took a Mevo out for 1 hour between 6pm to 8am?
(For example: 7:45pm-8:45pm)
You'll simply be billed for 1 hour of use. Anything less than 2 hours will be billed according to the normal rates.

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