Suzuki Swift: Vehicle Guide

Find out more about the Suzuki Swift and how to make the most of it on your Mevo trip

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Swift, stylish and sporty - the Suzuki Swift is our newest compact petrol vehicle option. With a surprisingly roomy cabin equipped with all the necessities such as wireless smartphone connectivity, reversing cameras and cruise control. Embrace its sporty aesthetic, complemented by cleverly concealed rear door handles, seamlessly integrating style with practicality. If you are wanting a fun yet affordable option that makes inner-city parking a breeze - the Swift is for you!


$17/hr or $85/day. Fuelling costs are included.

Please note: Rates above do not include possible surcharges. Check our pricing page for more pricing info.



1) Pull the metal bar to move seat forward/rearward

2) Lift the upper lever to adjust backrest angle

3) Raise or lower the bottom lever to move seat upwards/downwards


  • Locate the dial on the drivers door

  • Turn it clockwise for right-hand mirror, and anti-clockwise for left hand mirror

  • Press dial forwards (1), back (4), left (2) or right (3) to adjust each mirror as necessary


Starting the engine

With your foot firmly on the brake pedal, press the START STOP button on the right hand side of the steering wheel. You will hear the engine turn over and the left-hand dial (rev counter) will start up.

Gear Shifter

With the engine on and foot still firmly on the brake, grasp the gear shifter and hold the button on the front while pulling the gearstick down to 'R' - reverse or 'D' - drive.

Important: driving in 'L' will keep the vehicle in a low gear, and should only be used for certain driving conditions such as steep declines.


Fuel is included in the pricing of the Suzuki Swift. To find out all you need to know about fuelling with the Mevo app, take a look at our refuelling article.

Accessing the fuel input

Pop the fuel cover by pulling the black lever on the floor by the drivers door (13). Unscrew the plastic cap and begin fuelling.

The Suzuki Swift GLX takes 91 Unleaded Petrol, and the RS takes 95 Unleaded Petrol. Please chat with us in-app or check the registration slip on the windscreen if you are unsure what variant your vehicle is. Note: please ensure the vehicle is turned off while refuelling.


Do I need to refuel before I end trip?

No, there is no expectation for you to refuel before ending your trip as long as there is sufficient fuel levels for our team to reach a petrol station.

Where can I park my Mevo?

Check out our parking guides for Auckland or Wellington to find approved places to park.

Is the Swift Hyrbid?

No, none of Mevo's current fleet is hybrid. Only battery electric or petrol.

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