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Where can I park my Mevo in Wellington?
Where can I park my Mevo in Wellington?

How to find suitable park when you're ready to end trip.

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You can end your Mevo trip in any approved parking zone within the the Mevo Flex Zones (shown below ).

This makes getting from A - B super convenient but also means that you're responsible for checking signs and markings to make sure your park is suitable.

Here's a two-step guide that you can use every time to make sure you're in a suitable park before you end your trip.

1. You may End Trip in one of the following parking zones:

2. You must check for conditions that might activate after your trip!

Your End Trip park must be suitable for Mevo at all times. You can't be sure when the vehicle will be next booked. Steer clear of parks with conditions like clearways to avoid parking fines!

Tip: Swipe up while on trip and select Map & Parking for a reminder of our parking rules.

What about while I'm still on trip?

Simply treat the car as your own. You can park anywhere but don't park illegally or in a location that might incur a ticket. You must comply with all restrictions and parking lot fees while on trip. Remember, WCC metered parking is free at all times!

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