MG ZST: Vehicle Guide

Find out more about the MG ZST and how to make the most of it on your Mevo trip

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The MG ZST combines sleek design with exhilarating performance, embodying the thrill of driving. With its bold features and dynamic lines, it commands attention on the road. Experience the power and agility of the ZST as it conquers curves and accelerates effortlessly. Inside, cutting-edge technology and comfort unite in a spacious, refined interior. From its striking aesthetics to its exhilarating performance, the MG ZST exceeds expectations. Ignite your passion for driving with the sleek and thrilling MG ZST.


$22/hr or $110/day. Fuelling costs are included.

Please note: Rates above do not include possible surcharges. Check our pricing page for more pricing info.

Getting comfortable

Accessing the boot

When the vehicle is unlocked, open the tailgate by turning over the emblem on the tailgate.

Bluetooth Connect

To connect your phone via Bluetooth go to Setup > Bluetooth and follow the prompts to connect your phone.

The vehicle also comes with CarPlay which you can you can use by plugging your device into the cable provided. Note: If the connection cuts out, please unplug and replug the device.



Open the Refuel tab and you'll see detailed information about the supported fuel stations and refuelling instructions for your Mevo. Note: please ensure the vehicle is turned off while refuelling.

Unable to reach a supported station?

No problem! Visit any petrol station with the matching fuel type to your Mevo. Please pay for the fuel yourself and send us a picture of the receipt in the chat messenger. We will provide you with:

  1. A full refund for the refuelling cost to your trip.* OR

  2. An equal amount of credit to the fuel cost and $10 more as a thank you from us.

*If your refuel cost is higher than your trip cost, we’ll refund you for the entire cost of your trip and load the remaining amount as an account credit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to refuel before I end trip?

No, there is no expectation for you to refuel before ending your trip as long as there is sufficient fuel levels for our team to reach a petrol station.

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