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Our back-to-base service, Mevo Loop, is now operating in Hamilton. With Loop you can book a car on the day or up to 60 days in advance.

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When you use Mevo in Hamilton you are using our back-to-base service: Mevo Loop. By back-to-base we mean that each car lives at a base between trips; all trips are started and ended at this baseπŸ“.

How do I book a Mevo in Hamilton?

Once your account is set up you can book vehicles in your Mevo app. Enter the start and end time of your trip to book a vehicle for that period. You will have the option to choose the base that suits you best.

Tip: You can book a vehicle on the day or up to 60 days in advance for free πŸ—“

Get Moving: Ready to take your first trip? Learn how to unlock, drive and return your vehicle with our Watch & Learn guide.

Mevo BasesπŸ“

You'll find Mevo bases dotted around Hamilton in handy locations; tap on a base in your Mevo app to learn more about it.

Get Moving: Our station at Hamilton Airport makes for an easy alternative to rental cars πŸ›«

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