If the fuel indicator (right corner of the speedometer) is looking a little low, pop into any Z Energy station to top the tank up using the fuel card in the glove box.

The fuel cap is located on the driver's side of the vehicle. You'll be filling up with Unleaded 95 petrol. The fuel cap release lever is on the driver's side door, around knee height.

You can use Pay-At-Pump (just follow the prompts) or pay inside once you've finished filling up the tank. 

The terminal will ask for the "ODO" or "Odometer" reading of the vehicle. Ignore this and instead enter your mobile number (the same one you used when you registered for Mevo). 

The terminal will then ask you for a PIN number, this number is card-specific and printed either on the back of the card or on the quick guide sheet in the glovebox. 

The fuel card can't be used for anything other than the correct fuel (sorry, no complimentary roadside snacks) and is monitored to measure our average range per litre and ensure only the Mevo tank is being filled.

If you've filled the tank with the incorrect fuel either diesel or another petrol variant free-call the Mevo emergency line on 0508 111 6386 (0508 111 MEVO).

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