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Having Trouble Logging In?
Having Trouble Logging In?

Having issues logging into the Mevo app? Start here.

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Sometimes technology doesn't play nice, but we're here to help if you're having problems signing into your account.

First, check and see if you can log into the web version of the Mevo app by signing in with your username and password here.

If you're not able to log in there either, there's probably an issue on our side preventing you from signing in. It's likely a quick fix, so chat with us and we'll get right on it.

If you're able to log into the web app but not on the app for your phone, the issue is most likely isolated to your phone and the app. To resolve this please make sure the to check the following:

  • You're connected to the internet (try loading in a web browser to confirm)

  • You've got the most up-to-date version of the app (open your app store and check for updates)

  • You are not connected to a VPN

  • You have allowed data permissions not just to your phone but also the app specifically

  • Your phone language settings are set to English.

If those are fine and you are still not able to log in, chat with us and let us know so we can get your problem logged. Follow the normal process of logging in (below) and tell us where things are going wrong. Screenshots or descriptions of any error messages you're seeing along the way will be very helpful.

  1. Open the Mevo app

  2. Open the menu by tapping the line icon in the top left of the screen

  3. Tap "Login"

  4. Enter your email address and password

  5. Make sure the "Remember Me" switch is on

  6. Tap "Login"

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