Your account must have the Administrator role to be able to view and update the Domains for your business. Chat to one of your Business Administrators if that's not the case.

Business Domains have several important functions within Mevo for Business:

  • They restrict the email addresses to which Invites can be sent.
    Only people with a company email address can be invited.

  • They prevent users from registering without an Invite.
    A company email should not be able to be used for a Personal Mevo account.

Viewing and Configuring Business Domains

  • Log into Mevo for Business.

  • Select "Details" from under the "Business" drop-down on the left-hand side, and then select the "Domains" tab.
    You'll see your company's Business Domains displayed on-screen.

  • To add or remove Business Domains, just chat with us and specify the changes you'd like to make.
    Our team will verify the ownership of the domains you're adding.

Preventing Unwanted Registrations

  • After you have configured one or more Business Domains, new Members will be prohibited from registering Personal Mevo accounts with an email address from your domains. They will instead be prompted to request a Business Invite.

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