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Mevo for Business is an exciting ground transport option for companies who are using fleet/pool cars, rental vehicles, or taxis.

Mevo for Business is great for:

  • Saving on Taxis
    Mevo is usually around 30% cheaper than an equivalent taxi fare - whether it's across town or to/from the airport. Your team can also take Mevo overnight for a fixed rate if they have an early/late flight and would otherwise need to taxi from their home outside the city.

  • Ditching Rental Cars
    Mevo cars are parked right on the street, and you can unlock them instantly using the Mevo app. Save your team the time and hassle of picking up and dropping off a rental car. Mevo pricing also includes electricity/fuel, so there are fewer hidden costs.

  • Replacing Pool Cars
    By replacing some or all of your pool cars with Mevo, you'll be able to stop paying a fixed cost every month for any cars that are under utilised. With super-detailed reporting on how often, for how long, and how far your team are driving, you can right-size your fleet and flex up and down with Mevo cars.

When you join Mevo for Business, your team gets:

  • Multiple profiles in-app; so they can switch between work and personal profiles for each trip.

  • Improved reporting, including the ability to add job codes while on a trip.

  • A centralised payment method that's managed by your account Administrators - no more individual purchasing cards or expense claims!

Your company gets a bunch of benefits as well:

  • A single monthly invoice for all of your Mevo use, with a detailed accompanying report of distance, time, and carbon offset on trips, split by user and job code.

  • Real-time control over which staff have access to vehicles. You can block profiles instantly to prevent them from driving.

There is also a suite of upgrade options for your company to enable, including powerful reporting and health & safety features. You can check out the full list of what's available and coming soon below:

Get Started

You can sign your business up on our website, and we'll get you moving in no time:

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