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Driving And Parking Essentials For Wellington
Driving And Parking Essentials For Wellington

New to driving in Wellington? We've put together some handy tips to help keep you safe and avoid traffic fines.

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Whether you have been in Wellington for 10 days or 10 years, I always think it's good to brush up on the 1) speed limits and 2) parking rules. We want to make sure you are safe and your trip goes smoothly from start to finish.

1. Speed Limits & Cameras

Our local speed limits can take some time to adjust to. Here are some basic points to help keep you safe and avoid a speeding fine πŸ’Έ.

1.1 Central City

From August 2020, the speed limit in most of Central Wellington is 30 km/h. Look out for the signs and check here for the specific streets.

1.2 Motorway & Speeding Cameras

Once you're out of Wellington and onto the motorway, the speed limit varies between 80km/h and 100km/h. Make sure you're always aware of the speed limit. A common speeding fine I've seen is $120 for exceeding the 80km/h limit at Ngauranga Gorge πŸ‘€

2. Parking Your Mevo in Wellington

You can start and end your Mevo trip in different locations within the Mevo Flex Zones. This makes Mevo super convenient but also means that you need to check that your End Trip park is suitable. Here's a two-step guide that you can use every time to make sure you're in a suitable park before you end your trip.

1. You may End Trip in one of the following parking zones:

2. You must check for conditions that might make the parking zone unsuitable

Your End Trip park must be suitable for Mevo at all times. You can't be sure when the vehicle will be next booked. Steer clear of parks with conditions to avoid parking fines! Please read on for information on parking conditions in Wellington ⬇️

Parking while on trip: simply treat the car as your own. You can park anywhere but don't park illegally or in a location that might incur a ticket. You must comply with all restrictions and parking lot fees while on trip. Remember, WCC metered parking is free at all times!

Suitable Parks and Common Conditions Explained

Dedicated Mevo Parks βœ…

​Mevo has several dedicated car parks, chargers, throughout the CBD Flex Zone and at the Wellington airport. You can view them in the app while on trip under "Map & Parking" and marked by the P icons.


Our dedicated parks will always be signposted with either white paint βšͺ️ or a blue Mevo sign on the post πŸ”΅. If it is not marked and there are no Mevo signs, don't do it!

Metered Parking βœ…

Metered parking is common in Central Wellington. With Mevo you can park or End Trip in a Metered Park within Wellington for free. Before you walk away, check nearby for special conditions such as clearway (I'll explain these a little further down).

Coupon Parking βœ…

Coupon Parking zones are another type of parking common in inner suburbs of Wellington like Oriental Bay, Mount Victoria, Newtown etc. You can park or End Trip in a Coupon parking zone at any time.

P120, P180, P240 Parking βœ…

Time-restricted parking is also common in the inner suburbs of Wellington and is indicated by the maximum allowed time in minutes. For example, P120 means the parking zone has a time limit of 120 minutes. Your Mevo has a special permit that allows you to end your trip there.

Residents Parking βœ…
You can end your trip in Residents parking spaces and know that you are helping your suburb reduce its reliance on car ownership and giving others a new transport choice. Residents parking spaces are often governed by different rules at specific times. You must check that the parking space falls under one of our authorised zones at all times.

Common Conditions ❌

Conditions are vehicle or time-specific restrictions on parking zones that can make an otherwise suitable park unsuitable. You don't know when your vehicle will be next booked so we ask that you avoid ending trip in parks with conditions. Here are the most common parking conditions in Wellington. Please note that this list may not be exhaustive; if in doubt please get in touch with our team.

Clearways & Bus Lanes ❌

Sometimes the metered parks are marked with a CLEARWAY sign! Do not end your trip here. These are busy roads and need to be kept clear during peak traffic times. The parking wardens are extra vigilant at these times and you can be charged for $150+ for the towing costs. Check around before you press End Trip!

Public EV Charging Parking ❌

Mevo operates several charging stations around Wellington; at Clyde Quay Wharf, Queens Wharf, Liberty Hotel, and Wellington Airport. Public EV charging stations or parking zones are unsuitable for Mevo vehicles at all times. WCC will issue tickets to Mevo vehicles parked in WCC EV charging parks. Note that this P120 park is unsuitable for ending trip because of the EV Charging condition attached.

Bus Stops & Parking Reserved for Special Vehicles ❌

Even though this bus stop is only active at certain times of the day the designated zone is unsuitable for ending your Mevo trip at all times. Time-specific bus stops are usually marked by dashed yellow lines. If you see yellow lines look around for the signs!

P60, P10, P5, Loading Zones, supermarkets, private parks, driveways... ❌

Please do not end your trip in commercial parking lots such as supermarkets, private parking lots, loading zones, taxi zones, disabled, reserved locations or any other illegal spots. These either make it inaccessible for other members to find the vehicle or disrupt other people's needs. Be kind, don't end your trip there!

I hope I covered most of what you need to know here. For the most up to date info, always check

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