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Your account must have the Administrator role to be able to update the invites for your business. Chat to your business Administrator if that's not the case. If you don’t know who your Administrator is, chat with our Mevo Support team.

Inviting Team Members

  • Click into the "Members" section on the left-hand sidebar, and under the “Members” tab Administrators will see all staff members attached to the company Mevo for Business account.
    This page displays each staff member's Name, Email, Invite Status, Role, and Cost Centre.

Option One - Invite staff via the “Invite New Members” button.

Typically best for when inviting 10 or fewer staff members at a time.

  • Click on the orange “Invite New Members” button.

    This will bring up the invite form to then fill out.

  • Fill in a new line per staff member you would like to invite.
    In this form, you can specify the role(s) for each staff member you're inviting.

  1. Driver - Can book and drive Mevos

  2. Administrator - Can access and edit the company Mevo for Business account

  3. Driver & Administrator - Can do all of the above

Noting - Administrator-only accounts won't be prompted to add a driver's licence, and won't be able to use the Mevo app to book vehicles.

  • If you have configured at least one Cost Centre, in the Cost Centre field you can attach a Cost Centre to any of the invites.

  • Click "Send Invites"
    You'll see a confirmation message that your invites were sent.

Invites do not expire, and we send an invite reminder after a week.

Option Two - Invite staff via the Bulk Uploads Tab

  • In the "Members" section, click on "Bulk Upload".

  • From here click on "New Bulk Upload" and this will bring up the New Bulk Upload steps to follow.

    See below for visual examples.

  • After you've added your staff information to the downloaded CSV template, save it and attach it as explained in the above screenshot.

    This will enable the "Upload & Preview" button and turn it orange.

  • Click on "Upload & Preview".

    Once uploaded the below screen will show

  • Review the changes listed first, then click "Confirm Changes".

    This will update members' information you changed and send out any new invites.

Amending or Resending an Invite

If before an invite has been accepted you need to change the Email, Role(s) or Cost Centre, you can click into that member on the Members page to open the form and amend that invite.

Press "Save" after you have made your changes.

In this form, if you scroll down, you can also:

  • Resend a pending invite

  • Remove a Member, which removes the pending invite

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