As your team's administrator, you can add your team members to Mevo in 3 steps. Please note, you will need to have Google Chrome (preferred), Safari, or MS Edge. MS Explorer is not supported. 

  1. Invite Team Member
  2. Add Preferred Payment Method
  3. Follow Up On Pending Invites

1. Invite Team Member

  1. Log into or 
  2. Invite an individual team member typing in their email, or add a whole group by copy and pasting a list of emails. 
  3. Click SEND INVITES — Done!

Your team member will receive an invite to join your company's Mevo for Business account (example below).

2. Add preferred payment method

Your company has two flexible payment options:

  1. If your invited team member has their own business payment card, then they can add those details during sign up and be approved once Mevo has verified their account.
  2. Should you wish to use one payment card per team or for the whole company, the designated Business Team Administrator can add the payment details for all invited team members (see below). Account approvals will begin once payment details for the invited drivers will begin once the payment method has been added.

3. Follow Up On Pending Invites

If a member of your team has not joined within 14 days, you can re-invite them to make sure they are signed up for their Mevo for Business account. You can do so by clicking "Resend".

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