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Manage Team Member Permissions

Make quick changes to admin/driver statuses — suspend/activate

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Your account must have the Administrator role to access Member Details. Chat to your business Administrator if that's not the case. If you don’t know who your Administrator is, chat with our Mevo Support team.

An Administrator can create other administrators, suspend drivers, or remove drivers from their organisation.

Creating Another Administrator

  • Click into the "Members" section on the left-hand sidebar, and under the “Members” tab Administrators will see all their staff members attached to the company Mevo for Business account.
    This page displays each staff member's Name, Email, Invite Status, Role and Cost Centre.

  • Click into the member you would like to make an "Administrator”.

    This will bring up the member editing form.

  • Click on the “Roles” field, and select the administrator tick box.

  • Click "Save".

    As demonstrated below, this will give them the administrator role.

They should now also have Administrator access the next time they log in to Mevo for Business.

Suspending and Removing Drivers

Suspending a member will immediately prevent them from booking and unlocking vehicles using the Mevo App on their business profile.

Removing a member from your Mevo for Business account can't be reversed. Chat with us if you'd like to enable their profile again.

See below for steps.

  • Similar to above, find the member of interest and click on them to bring up the member editing form.

  • Scroll down and click “Suspend” or “Remove” depending on what you would like to do referring to the definitions above and in the editing form.

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