Managing Cost Centres

Cost Centres help you organise and report on your Members and Trips.

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Your account must have the Administrator role to be able to update Cost Centres for your business. Chat to your business Administrator if that's not the case. If you don’t know who your Administrator is, chat with our Mevo Support team.

Cost Centres are useful to manage your Business Members and report on their Trips. After creating one or more Cost Centres, you can add them to:

  • A Business Member
    Trips they take will store the Cost Centre that they had assigned when they started the trip. This will be visible in your reports and exports.

  • A Business Invite
    The Cost Centre attached to a Business Invite will transfer to the Member when they accept the invite during the registration process.

Creating Cost Centres

  • Log into Mevo for Business using your personal email address.

  • Click into "Members" on the left-hand sidebar, then select the "Cost Centres" tab displayed under the Business Members heading.
    You'll see your company's Cost Centres displayed on-screen.

  • Click the orange "Create Cost Centre" button on the upper-right of the page.
    The form to create a new Cost Centre will pop up.

  • Enter your new Cost Centre's details and press "Save".

    You'll see the newly created Cost Centre appear after the page refreshes.

After creating one or more Cost Centres you can assign them to Members and Invites on the respective pages from the left-hand menu.

Updating or Deleting Cost Centres

  • From the Cost Centres tab, you can click on any Cost Centre in the table and it will take you to the Edit Cost Centre form.

  • Enter the updated details for the Cost Centre and press "Save", or push “Delete” down the bottom if you wish to permanently delete that particular Cost Centre.
    After the page refreshes you'll see the Cost Centre's updated details. However, if you delete the Cost Centre, you'll no longer be able to see it in the list.

Members and Invites will remain attached to a Cost Centre if you update it, but if you delete the Cost Centre, those Members and Invites will no longer have that it attached to them.

You'll no longer see the Cost Centre in the list after the page refreshes.

Assigning Members/Invites to a Cost Centre

On the left-hand toolbar, through the “Members” page, under the “Members" tab:

  • You can assign Members to a Cost Centre or edit the Cost Centre they're currently assigned to.

  • You can assign a Cost Centre to any members Invited.

Simply Click into the member (either existing or invited), and select the Cost Centre you would like them to be attached to.

Then click "Save"

See below

You can only assign Members and Invites to a Cost Centre after at least one Cost Centre has been created.

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