Mevo Eligibility Criteria

Find out if you are eligible for a Mevo Account

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All our members must meet the following requirements:

Be at least 21 years of age, and;

Hold a full valid Type 1 car Driver Licence (or equivalent international Driver Licence), and;

Mevo must be able to verify your identity, age and contact details; and

Mevo must be satisfied that you will be able to:

  • pay for the Services;

  • safely operate our Vehicles and other mobility services; and

  • comply with our health and safety policies and procedures, including in respect of any public health risk.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you accept a temporary licence?

Sorry, we need a copy of the permanent version of your driver licence. Temporary NZTA licences don't include a version number - which we need for our driver checks. Please sign up once your permanent version arrives!

Can you accept a photo of a licence?

We will need the licence images and selfie to be taken with the physical licence card in order to verify your account.

Can a Learner or Restricted licence holder drive with a Supervisor?

Sorry, restricted and learner drivers may not use Mevo (even under the supervision of full licence holding passengers).

What if my Full licence has conditions?

Full licences that require a supervisor to be present (usually a temporary condition when an international licence has been converted to a NZ licence) will not be accepted. We can only accept the following conditions:

  • Correcting lenses must be worn at all times while driving.

What kind of licence checks does Mevo do?

We're a member of NZTA driver check, which provides us with information about the Licence class and endorsements you currently hold, as well as the conditions and status of your licence (such as disqualified).

I once received a speeding speeding ticket... Am I still eligible?

In most cases yes, but you need to provide us with the details. When you sign up we will ask you about criminal offences (including speeding tickets), licence suspensions and insurance claims. If you can't tick all the declaration boxes you can chat with us about your application.

Can I join Mevo if I have a licence from another country?

You sure can! Most licences will be OK, but please check if your country is one of them. When signing up with an international drivers licence be sure to upload photos of a second form of photo ID, preferably a passport.

Still having issues signing up?

No worries, just reach out to our support team and we can help troubleshoot. Please send through any error messages, or details about what is blocking you so that we can understand the situation.

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