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Mevo EV Best Practices

Get familiar with driving and charging Mevo's Electric Vehicles for longer trips on the open road.

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Electric Vehicles (EVs) are becoming increasingly popular as a sustainable and efficient mode of transport on the Mevo network. For most Mevo trips, you can pick an EV and enjoy the clean, quiet comfort, and energising driving experience without thinking twice.

All Mevo EV models have a minimum of 300km range on a full battery. You’ll see a range estimate when selecting an EV in the Mevo App to make your selection easier depending on the type of trip you have in mind.

Returning Mevo EVs with less than a 10% charge may attract recharging fees if our teams are not able to move the vehicle to a charger without towing it. Please make sure to charge up your vehicle before ending your trip in this case.

For longer trips, driving an EV requires a different approach to driving a traditional petrol vehicle. Whether you are a seasoned EV pro or a first-time driver, it's always good to remember these three best practices for driving a Mevo EV.

1. EV Range is an Estimate

Your EV runs on a battery, and like your phone, its battery life is subject to many factors. The range displayed on the dashboard and in-app is an estimate in ideal conditions and based on recent driving by other members. Many factors can reduce the range you’ll achieve in the real world:

  • Higher speeds and open road driving.

  • Elevation changes (driving up/down hills).

  • Aggressive acceleration/braking.

  • Winding or unsealed roads.

  • Cold weather.

These factors can be especially noticeable in combination; for example stretches of steep, high-speed, motorways such as the Bombay Hills (south of Auckland) or Transmission Gully (north of Wellington).

❗️ When in doubt, go charge up! Running out of charge on the side of the road is dangerous and will attract recovery and recharging fees. If you fall below 30%, find a Mevo-authorised charger as soon as possible. Look in your app under Recharge.

2. Plan Ahead

While EV charging technology and infrastructure is constantly improving, it’s good to plan plenty of time ahead for your travels, especially if you’re travelling over a busy period where others on the road may also be wanting to recharge. This involves leaving plenty of time for charging stops, understanding where Mevo authorised EV chargers are along the way and remembering not to risk it when you are already low on charge.

We recommend using a dedicated EV journey planning app for longer trips to help select optimal stops and charging times. These apps account for many factors including the elevation and speed limits along your route.

When using these apps, you can select the model of vehicle you have chosen, and we recommend a few other settings:

  1. Charger Network Preferences
    Limit to the suppliers supported within the Mevo App (ChargeNet NZ).
    You can use other stations but you’ll be responsible for account management and payment.

  2. Current State of Charge (SoC)
    Enter the percentage shown on the dash of your Mevo, or from within the app.

  3. Minimum State of Charge (SoC)
    Set to 20% (this is usually the default) which leaves some margin in case of issues.

  4. Maximum State of Charge (SoC)
    Set to 80% or 90% - fast chargers slow down past 80% SoC but allowing for slightly more charging can result in more flexible charging plans.

Route planning apps display detailed information about how long charging will take and account for the road and conditions along the way. The example below shows a route in ABRP from Wellington to Taupō using a BYD Atto 3 starting at around 70% charge.

Screenshots of the Mevo and ABRP apps planning a route with charging stops.

3. Familiarise Yourself with EV Chargers

EV charging at Mevo authorised charging stations is included in your pricing. You can find charging locations, detailed information about charging stations, power output, and live availability right in your app.

ChargeNet operates a range of chargers that offer different charging speeds. See below for some examples of what these can look like and how much range they can add to your EV in 15 minutes.

Using a route planning app and selecting the correct vehicle model ensures that you'll only ever be directed to chargers that support your vehicle. Additionally, stops at higher-powered chargers will be preferred when these lead to an overall shorter journey time.

All Mevo's EVs use the New Zealand standard Type 2 CCS connector for fast charging.

When you arrive at a charging station, take your time and follow the instructions outlined in the Mevo app. Remember to be kind and practice good etiquette. Once your vehicle is charged to an optimal level, promptly unplug and free up the space so someone else can charge up.

🔔 If your charging session has finished but your vehicle is still parked and plugged in, you may be fined idle fees. These fees can rack up fast so be kind and don’t be that person blocking the space.

Driving an EV is new and exciting and we hope you enjoy your Mevo EV experience. If there are other tips and helpful guides and tools, please share them with us at [email protected] 🤙🏼

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