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Why do I need a Personal Mevo Account?
Why do I need a Personal Mevo Account?

A personal account is required to use Mevo for Business.

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Mevo for Business gives you a dedicated business profile you can take trips on, that bills back to your company. This means you don't have to manage your business payment method or reconcile individual receipts.

Your business profile is attached to your personal Mevo account. That means that a personal account is a required step in the process.

Setting up a Personal Account

  • If you're creating a personal account to use Mevo for Business, you have the option to skip adding a personal credit card during the account setup process.

  • It usually takes less than 5 minutes to set up a Mevo account. We scan the photos you send us of your licence and read your details automatically.

Why it's a Required Step

There are a few main reasons why this is required:

  • We need to verify your identity
    Since we insure you to drive the cars on the Mevo network, we need to be able to verify your identity correctly. This includes requesting photos of your driver licence during the registration process and having your personal email on file.

  • We need to be able to contact you personally
    If we need to contact you about sensitive issues with your Mevo account, we can contact you personally, rather than sending it to a company email address.

  • You may change jobs
    If you change jobs in the future and need to use Mevo at your new job, you can retain your personal account, and simply create a business profile for the new job.

  • It's more secure
    Many drivers who use Mevo for Business end up needing personal accounts once they begin using the product - it's handy to be able to grab a car from time to time! By setting up your personal account from the beginning, we ensure you have one login email + password for all your Mevo use.

Overall, having a personal Mevo account linked to your business profile is simpler and more secure for you and for us.

Don't hesitate to get in touch with us if we can provide any more information for you.

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