Switching to Monthly Invoicing

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Your business needs to add a Business payment method, either monthly invoicing or a shared business credit card, to your Mevo for Business account before your members can start taking trips.

If you’re looking to update your shared business credit card instead, click here.

Your account must have the Administrator role to be able to update any billing details. Chat to your business Administrator if that's not the case. If you don’t know who your Administrator is, chat with our Mevo Support team.

How to switch to Monthly Invoicing

  • Log into Mevo for Business with your personal email address

  • Click into "Billing" on the left-hand sidebar.
    You'll see your company's payment details displayed on-screen.

  • Click the "Switch to Invoice Payment" button below your current payment information.

    A sidebar will open, with our secure information form in it.

  • Fill in your bank account details, and press "Save".

  • Close the form and return to your billing page.
    Your payment method will refresh on the billing page momentarily.

A couple of handy notes

  • We generate invoices for trips and charges that finish in the period from midnight (New Zealand time) on the first of the month, to the same time the following month, in the UTC (GMT) timezone.

  • Every month, along with the PDF Invoice & Statement, you will be sent a Monthly Report Spreadsheet - Click on links to see example documents.

  • If you'd like to see more about Mevo Monthly Invoicing ​​click here.

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