Your account must have the Administrator role to be able to access business invoices. Chat to one of your Business Administrators if that's not the case.

The Monthly Report Spreadsheet is included in Reporting Essential - if your company doesn't have this enabled, it's easy to turn it on when you need it.

It's easy to find and export your company's monthly invoice and the associated report. This lets you (or your finance team) easily reconcile the single monthly charge and allocate it across the business to cost centres and projects.

We generate invoices for trips and charges that finish in the period from midnight on the first of the month, to the same time the following month, in the UTC (GMT) timezone.

Finding Invoices and Reports

  • Log into Mevo for Business.

  • Select "Activity" from under the "Business" drop-down on the left-hand side.
    You'll see your company's activity dashboard displayed on-screen.

  • Click the "Invoices" tab near the top of the page.
    You'll see your company's monthly invoices displayed on-screen.

  • For the month you're interested in:
    - click the "document" icon to access the monthly invoice & account statement.
    - click the "spreadsheet" icon to access the monthly report.

Invoice & Report Examples

If you'd like to get an idea of what data is included in the reports, you can find example documents below:

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