Editing your Business Details

An overview of updating your company's name and address information.

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Your account must have the Administrator role to be able to update the details for your business. Chat to one of your Business Administrators if that's not the case. If you don’t know who your Administrator is, chat with our Mevo Support team.

It's easy to update your business details if they have changed. For example:

  • Your company has moved offices.

  • The contact details for your company have changed.

Updating your Details

  • Select Settings > Details
    You'll see your company's details displayed on-screen.

  • Click the "Edit Details" button.
    You'll see the sidebar on the right hand corner where you can edit your details.

  • Update any of the details that have changed and press "Save".
    You'll see a success message if your changes were accepted, or an error message if there were problems.

Click below to open Mevo for Business if you need to update your details now:

Non-editable Details

Some details can't be updated automatically - you'll need to chat with us to amend these:

  • Legal Company Name & NZBN
    We verify these with the NZBN register when we set your company up. If there's a mistake, or these have changed, we can re-verify and update them for you.

  • Carbon Offset Percentage
    This is linked to your company's pricing policy and is the rate at which we will offset your company's emissions.

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