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Left something behind in your Mevo? Here are the steps to recover your lost property.

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When you notice you lost or left something behind in a Mevo from a previous trip, please get in touch with us!

Locked something in the vehicle?

You can rebook the vehicle and start a new trip to retrieve the item. Please allow ~30 seconds for the vehicle to be returned to the network and show up on the app.

If the vehicle is still not available to book after 2 minutes and you need immediate help to access the vehicle, please use our chat. This will put you in contact with our live support team who can help you retrieve the item.

If this is after hours (8pm-8am) please use our support line 0508 111 MEVO. This will get you in contact with our Night Support team who will be able to unlock the vehicle for you.

Lost an item?

Please use our chat to report any lost property and what steps you would like taken. You can check out our retrieval methods below as well as our delivery methods. There will be an additional $10 admin fee upon successful recovery.

Retrieval Methods

Add to lost property register

We keep a lost property register, with a 3 month expiry. If you are not able to, or wish not to pursue one of the other options then this is the option for you. We will make a note of the details and reach out to you should we get a report of the item being found or if our team recovers this.

Check the vehicle

Vehicle Available in App?

The easiest way to be certain is to check the vehicle yourself! You can book yourself into the vehicle if it is available in app. Hint: You can search for a specific vehicle by hitting the vehicle icon on the top of the screen.

Vehicle not in App?

Our team can let you know when the vehicle is available to book again and help organise accessing the vehicle.

Booking into the vehicle will begin a new trip which you will be charged for. Please let us know if you checked a vehicle at the airport as we will be able to refund the airport surcharges if the vehicle has not moved.

Mobility Call Out

If needed, our team can check the vehicle in your stead. However, this will require a $30 call out fee. Our team will then endeavour to check the vehicle within 24 hours, and let you know the outcome. A delivery fee will also be charged to your account upon successful delivery.

Delivery Methods

We offer a few delivery methods depending on the initial city and the delivery address. If the delivery address is within the same CBD as the vehicle, then we can organise same day delivery, depending on our operation teams capacity. Otherwise we will need to deliver via the mail.

We cannot offer pickups from our office.

If the item is successfully retrieved, we will then reach out to help arrange delivery. The delivery cost will be on-charged to you once we have successfully reunited you with your item.

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