Picking up/dropping off a Mevo at the airport has a $15 (incl GST) surcharge.

Flying out of the capital and need a comfortable and hassle free way to get to the airport? Take a Mevo! Simply drive out and leave your Mevo in the Wellington Airport home zone when you're done.

*** the Mevo sign has been replaced with a RENTAL CARS sign in blue (video update coming).

To take a Mevo to the airport, do the following:

  1. Drive to the airport, approaching the gates on the left (the barrier arm will recognise your Mevo vehicle and will automatically open).

  2. Staying to the right, enter the RENTAL CARS ZONE on your right (image for reference below)

Park your Mevo, collect your belongings, end your trip.

*** If the Mevo parks (#30-#35) are full, park in spaces opposite of the designated car parks (disability parking), and let us know using the in-app chat or call the Mevo help line if urgent 0508 111 MEVO (0508 111 6386).

Entry location of the ride sharing zone is shown below:

Failing to end your trip in specified parks or to let us know when you can't end your trip in the specified parks, can potentially incur in a $40 relocation fee.

We are working with Wellington Airport to improve the access and space for our service. We thank you for your patience and apologise for any inconvenience this may've caused. Stay tuned for the new plans!

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