We’ve recently made some changes to the night rate to make it more flexible for you. So please have a read if you haven’t been here in awhile!

What is the Mevo night rate?

More Mevo for less! The night rate applies at 6pm and onwards for trips returned by 8am the following morning. Trip time price in this period is capped at just 2 hours. Perfect for evening errands, a night at the movies, or taking a car home after work.

For example, the night rate for a Volkswagen Polo is $30 and you can check the hourly rates for our different vehicle models here →

How do I use the night rate?

The night rate automatically applies to your trip between the hours 6pm and 8am the following morning. Here are a couple of examples using the Volkswagen Polo at $15/hour.

Example 1.

Start Time: 6:00 PM today

End Time: 8:00 AM tomorrow

Cost: $30 (1 night rate)

Example 2.

Start Time: 5:00 PM today

End Time: 8:00 AM tomorrow

Cost: $45 (1 night rate + 1 hour)

FAQ on the Night Rate

Do I have to reserve and/or unlock the Mevo exactly at 6pm or return at 8am sharp?

You can start and end your trip at any time before or after. You will be billed at the normal rates for your use before 6pm and after 8am.

What if I only took a Mevo out for 1 hour between 6pm to 8am? (For example: 9:15pm to 10:15pm)

You'll simply be billed for 1 hour of use. Anything less than 2 hours will be billed according to the normal rates.

Does the Night Rate only apply for Monday to Friday?

No, Saturday, Sunday, and any holiday evenings are all included.

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