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I can't see any Mevo vehicles in the app
I can't see any Mevo vehicles in the app

No little pins in your Mevo app? We can help with that.

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There are a couple of reasons why you might not see any available Mevo vehicles in your app.

  1. Your account is not yet approved (or suspended)

  2. All cars are out on trips

If you signed up in the last 48hrs, your account might not yet be approved by the Mevo team. Check your inbox for a message from [email protected] with the subject line "Your account is approved!", if it's not there then you've not yet been approved.

If you've used Mevo before but can't see any vehicles now, it's possible that we've had issues processing payment from your last trip and our system has automatically suspended your account. Check your inbox for messages from [email protected] with the subject "Credit card declined". 

If you think either of these are the cause, no worries. Just message the Mevo team from your app or using the chat tool and we'll get you approved (or reapproved) as fast as we can.

There is a small possibility that all Mevo vehicles are out on trips. This is very rare, and only occurs during periods of exceptionally high demand. An easy way to check that it's not your account causing no vehicles to display is to log out of your Mevo app and then check the map view. When logged out, our app will always display all Mevo vehicles not on a trip with a member. If there's none there, then all the Mevo vehicles are out on a trip.

We don't operate a waiting list for vehicles during periods of high demand, but future releases of the Mevo app will notify you when a vehicle becomes available.

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