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Flex Wellington—New Zones in Island Bay and Berhampore
Flex Wellington—New Zones in Island Bay and Berhampore

Mevo zone expansion in Island and Berhampore. Here's what you need to know!

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It’s finally here! Effective today 9th August, you can pick up and drop off your Mevo in both Island Bay and Berhampore flex zones.

For those living in these zones, you now have another transport option for these wintery days. For those looking to transition to a car-free lifestyle, read about how James and his family are doing it.

With this flex zone expansion, there is another designated Mevo parking and charging site at the historic Erksine Chapel (31 Avon Street). When you are next on-trip, familiarise yourself with approved parking signage for ending trips like Residents, P120, or more, and unrestricted on-street parking.

For members that don’t live in these zones, you probably want to venture out and have a look! Here are our recommendations and check out the links for details:

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