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No one likes surprise fees. Find out more about our Fee Schedule and when they may be applied.

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From time to time, we may charge a fee to your account in line with our fee schedule. These are on top of our surcharges and the base rate. Below outlines how these may be incurred:

Note: For the most up-to-date version please refer to our pricing page.

Reservation Non-collection


Fee payable for any reservations which are not cancelled before they expire.

Lost Property Delivery


Fee for delivery or postage of any lost property items recovered from within the vehicle.

Vehicle Callout Fee


Fee payable for attending to a vehicle at the request of a member, e.g. to urgently retrieve lost property.

Unauthorised Parking


Fee payable for a vehicle returned anywhere other than an approved parking space in the city Flex Zones. This fee is in addition to any parking tickets or infringement charges incurred as a result.

Vehicle Repossession


Fee payable for a vehicle repossession event.

Loss of Use


Fee payable in the event of an impounded vehicle or neglectful accident. Additionally, the member shall be liable for the corresponding daily rate for any days the vehicle is out of service.

Vehicle Recovery

Costs + $100

Applicable when a vehicle is not correctly returned after use and needs to be recovered. All costs incurred from towing and/or relocation of the vehicle plus $100 administration charge.

Charging Idle Fees


Fees charged by the EV charging station operator for leaving a vehicle plugged in after it has finished charging. These fees are passed on to the member.

Energy Reimbursement


Administration charge payable for reimbursing a member for electricity/fuel costs where they elected to not use the Mevo recharging/refuelling method when it was operational.

Critical Vehicle Energy

Costs + $35

Fee payable for any vehicle returned with electricity/fuel below 10% that can't be relocated to a supported charging/fuelling location and needs to be towed. All costs incurred from towing of the vehicle plus $35 administration charge.

Infringement Administration


Administration fee for identifying and processing any Speeding Fines or Traffic Infringement Fees in line with Land and Transport Act.

Damage Administration


Fee payable for processing any incident reports.

Cleaning (Member request)


If a member returns the vehicle in a condition which requires cleaning and advises Mevo.

Cleaning (No Notice)


A cleaning fee charged when a vehicle is returned and Mevo considers it to have been left in a considerably dirty condition and no notification had been to Mevo regarding the dirty condition of vehicle.

Soiled Vehicle


For any vehicle requiring advanced cleaning.

Smoking Deodoriser


For any vehicles returned smelling of tobacco or smoke residue.

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