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Charging Idle Fees
Charging Idle Fees

Fees once you are finished charging

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What are Idle Fees?

๐Ÿ”ด An idle fee is a per-minute charge if your EV remains connected to the charger after your charging session has ended.

ChargeNet and Tesla have implemented these charges to stop people from using the charging stations as car parks to ensure other users get the opportunity to charge. For more details, visit the ChargeNet site, or read more about Tesla Idle Fees here.

Please do not end your trip at ChargeNet chargers as you will still be responsible for any idle fees incurred. Idle fees will be forwarded onto your Mevo account and you will be notified.

Idle Fees in the Mevo App (ChargeNet)

$1 per-minute charge. Applies if your EV remains connected to the charger five minutes after your charging session has ended.

Tesla Supercharger Idle Fees

$1 per-minute charge. $2 per-minute charge when the station is 100% occupied.

When charging, the app will estimate how much time your charge has left to ensure you make it back to your vehicle before your vehicle starts getting charged idle fees. Please be aware that this is an estimate and that you are responsible for freeing up the space when your charging session has stopped.

What happens if I don't accept?

If you don't accept idle fees, you will not be able to charge the vehicle through the Mevo app.

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