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Security Information
Security Information

Our member's privacy and information are important to us. We make sure your data is secure.

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Mevo operates a third-party cloud-based SaaS platform which is integrated with proprietary in-car technology through our system. Our system provides the largest free-floating car sharing platform in the world which is based in Nice, France.

Criteria for Driver Approval

Each Mevo member is required to submit personal details as required by the NZ Land and Transport Rule 2007. This includes the driver's full name, full drivers licence details, physical address. Further email and cellphone numbers are required along with a photo of the member’s driver’s licence for verification with NZTA’s driver check service. All of a member’s personal information is encrypted with SSL technology and stored in our system platform. As required by NZ law, relevant personal information will only be supplied to our insurance provider and/or the police in the event of a traffic violation, accident, or an insurance claim.

Access to Data

Our system platform is only accessible to Mevo employees for customer verification, support and account management purposes. Each individual has their own account which is provisioned according to their responsibilities, and access is removed when no longer needed. Customer credit card information is held directly by Adyen, who are PCI compliant as a Level 1 Service Provider. A token is generated by each registered card and is saved in our system to securely trigger recurring billing transactions at the completion of each trip. The actual card and cardholder data are not stored or accessible by Mevo or our system.

Additionally, data on each vehicle's location, velocity, heading, and instrument readouts is collected during trips as a general procedure for logging, diagnostics, and monitoring of our fleet.

Further details are available within our privacy policy at

Mevo complies with The General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679.

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