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Setting up the BYD for a comfortable drive

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Adjust the front seats using the buttons on the side of the seat:

1) Push forwards/back or up/down to move seat in corresponding direction

2) Push forwards/back to move seat back



Windscreen wipers





The BYD has tactile buttons on the driver side door for setting up your mirrors

  • Press the fold the top button to fold both left and right side mirrors, which will return to their pre-folding position if this button is pressed again.

  • The left side mirror can be selected by pressing the corresponding auto regulation switch.

  • The right side mirror can be selected by pressing the corresponding auto regulation switch.

  • There are four directions (i.e. up, down, left and right) for regulating lens directions to adjust the side mirrors.

Air Conditioning

The BYD has tactile buttons on the centre console for simple Climate Control.

1) Auto Button

2) A/C on/off

3) Defrost front windshield

You can access the full set of air conditioning settings by tapping on the A/C icon located on the infotainment centre at the bottom middle of the home screen.

1) A/C Settings button

2) Air Purification System

3) Seat Heating button

4) A/C Operations button

5) A/C on/off button

6) Auto mode button

7) A/C Cooling button

8) Max Cooling button

9) Defrost button for front windshield

10) Defrost button for rear windshield & side mirrors

11) Internal/external circulation button

12) Ventilation button

13) Front passenger A/C temperature regulation button

14) Blowing Mode button

15) Air amount regulation button

16) Driver A/C temperature regulation button

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