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Uploading your Driver's Licence
Uploading your Driver's Licence

Steps to take and upload your drivers licence and selfie images

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If you've encountered some difficulty with uploading your driver licence, don't worry! Here are a few checks to cover off and make sure the images will upload successfully.

  • Firstly, ensure that the images uploaded are not scanned images. Such images are generally resized and edited to a certain degree making them difficult to recognise.

  • Please ensure the images are in a .jpeg, .jpg, or .png format.

  • Make sure that you have sufficient lighting around so the images are clear, glare-free and the text on your licence is readable.

  • The licence must be centred in the image and not have its edges cut off i.e. The entire licence must be in the image, surrounded by a background.

Taking The Licence Images

  • Our recommendation is that you place the licence on a dark coloured, flat surface with no overhead lighting. Below is some examples of good licence images:

Front of the licence

Back of the licence

Tip: Refrain from taking images of the licence against light backgrounds as this may make it difficult to detect the licence in the image.

If you are looking to jump back into your sign up to re-upload your images you can do so from here -

If you continue to have issues uploading your selfie, feel free to get in touch with our support team who can help manually upload these.

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